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Muharem Bazdulj was Writer-in-Residence in Skopje


589 bazduljThe Bosnian-Herzegovinian writer Muharem Bazdulj travelled to the capital of Macedonia, Skopje, to be the writer in residence there in October 2017. As a fellow of the Absolute Modern program, he got acquainted with the cultural and literary life of the city. He used his stay to work on his newest collection of essays. At the endo of his stay, he was presented to the Macedonian audience in a literary evening with a reading and discussion. The audience followed with great interest the presentation of his most recent novel Lutka od marcipana, which has also been translated to Macedonian. The ensuing discussion revolved around the literary scene of the Balkans and the current development in European literature.

Since 2013, the publishing house Goten has organized the writers in residence program Absolute Modern, which offers residential fellowships for writers and translators. The program is supported by TRADUKI.

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