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Writers-in-Residence: Mustafa Zvizdić and Tanja Stupar Trifunović in Novo Mesto


590 novo mestoThe publishing house Goga from Novo mesto hosted two writers from Bosnia and Herzegovina this autumn. Both were guests of the TRADUKI supported writers in residence programs. In September, Mustafa Zvizdić used his four weeks in the writers apartment mostly to work on the manuscript of his latest novel with the working title Garrison Clinic.

In October, the writer in residence was Tanja Stupar Trifunović. She too used his time in Novo mesto to work on her new manuscripts: a poetry book and a novel with the working title Shortage, in which she writes about the influence of history on the lives of people and their social outlooks. Goga organized two literary evenings to present both authors to the Slovenian audience.

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