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New TRADUKI Program for Writers in Residence in Sofia


594 dalibor plecicThree fellowships in the second half of 2017 marked the beginning of the residence program for writers in translators in the House of Literature and Translation in Sofia, the program that is supported by TRADUKI.  

The first guest of the Next Page Foundation, the organizer of the program, was the Serbian-Canadian writer and translator Miodrag Kojadinović. He used his stay to work on a collection of short stories on the topic of migration and identity. He studied in the National Archives of Bulgaria and has met with Bulgarian publishers, translators, scientists, and journalists.

In October, the guest of the Sofia Literature and Translation House was Ivan Šopov from Macedonia. He worked on the manuscript of his new novel, which has among its topics also the masses of statutes in Skopje. He also worked on a translation of poetry and short stories from Bulgarian to Macedonian. He established contacts to Bulgarian authors, festival makers, journalists and cartoonists.

The november guest of the program was Dalibor Plečić from Serbia. He worked on his new novel about identities in the context of new ideologies and has met with Bulgarian writers, whose works he has or will have translated to Serbian. On November 28th, he and other writers performed at a poetry reading organised by Ivan Dimitrov.

As part of the residential fellowships, the Next Page Foundation organised also public talks with the authors, giving the visiting writers the opportunity to present their work to the audience in Sofia.

Video: Miodrag Kojadinović in der „Chitalnyata”

Video: Dalibor Plečić in der „Chitalnyata”

Video: Ivan Šopov in der „Chitalnyata“

Video: Autorengespräch mit Ivan Šopov

Radio-Interview mit Ivan Šopov

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