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Nase für Neuigkeiten

Zischler, Hanns, Danius, Sara.

zischler_danius_naseOctober 1904: the 22-year-old James Joyce arrives in the “godforsaken” town of Pola on the Istrian coast to take up his post as English teacher. His arrival is writ large in the local newspaper. And Joyce becomes the direct witness to a series of spectacular events: the pathetic  staging of a memorial feast for the murdered Empress “Sisi”, the setting up of a mobile cinema, a flood of newsreels from the Russian-Japanese war... These ubiquitous miscellaneous items or “faits divers”, which have been ignored so far, made their way into newspapers and cinema programmes, and resurface in mutated form in, among other places, “Ulysses”, as Hanns Zischler and Sara Danius now demonstrate for the first time.

A Nose for News has been published by Naklada Ljevak, Zagreb, in a Croatian translation by Helen Sinković with the title “Nos za novosti”.

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