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Kampf um Anerkennung

Honneth, Axel.

honneth_anerkennungTo develop the bases of a prescriptive content-rich theory of society from the Hegelian thought construct of a “struggle for recognition” – that is the aim of this book. The systematic reconstruction of the Hegelian argument, which makes up the first part of the book, leads to a distinction between three forms of recognition. The second part of the work starts from the proposition of a practical application of the Hegelian idea with help from the social psychology of G. H. Meads: in this way creating an inter-subjectivity theoretical concept of the individual. As a result of this examination, the concept of a critical theory of society emerges, in which processes of societal change should be explained by reference to the prescriptive claims, which are structurally present in the relationship of mutual recognition. The perspectives opened up by this basic approach are pursued in the last part of the book.

Struggle for Recognition has been published by Albatros plus, Belgrade, in a Serbian translation by Aleksandra Kostić with the title “Borba za priznanja”.

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