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10 Years of TRADUKI in Romania: Literary Talk with Gabriela Adamesteanu und Ingo Schulze


669 bukarestIn its ten years, TRADUKI has built an important bridge between German and Romanian literatures. To honour the network's tenth anniversary, a German-Romanian literary evening with Gabriela Adameşteanu and Ingo Schulze took place in Bucharest on November 22nd.

The German Ambassador, his Excellency Cord Meier-Klodt, and Antje Contius talked in their opening addresses about contemporary German-Romanian cultural relations and about how these could look like in the future. Ever since the network’s establishment, TRADUKI has supported translations from and to Romanian. In 2015, Romania officially joined the network, which even strengthened the cooperation and exchange.  

The main part of the evening was the literary dialogue between the Romanian writer Gabriela Adamesteanu and the German writer Ingo Schulze, which was moderated by the cultural journalist and translator Matei Martin. After both guests had read excerpts from their latest works, they spoke about the Communist past in GDR and Romania and about the possibility of literature to document and reflect on these past times that may seem not so long ago, but they actually already belong to history. A big audience of translators, publishers, journalists, and cultural works, including Ambassador Thomas Kloiber of the Austrian Cultural Forum added their insightful comments to the discussion.

The literary evening was co-produced by Goethe-Institut Bucharest, TRADUKI and Headsome Communication with the support of the Romanian Museum of Literature and the Romanian Ministry of Culture.

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