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Kleine deutsche Geschichte

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autorengruppe_geschichteThis volume, which was extended in 2006 by a Chapter from Konrad H. Jarausch about the “Berlin Republic” and the history of the years since 1990, offers a complete and up-to-date overview of the whole of German history.

Table of Contents

Early and High Middle Ages(6th - 13th centuries) – Late Middle Ages (Mid-13th to late 15th century) – From the Reformation to the Peace of  Westphalia (late 15th century to 1648) – From the Peace of  Westphalia  to the Congress of Vienna (1648-1814) – From the Congress of Vienna to the outbreak of the First World War  (1814-1914) – The Era of the two World Wars (1914-1945) – Division and Re-establishment of National Unity (1945-1990) – The Start of the Berlin Republic (1990-2005)

Kleine deutsche Geschichte [Small German History] (Authors: Ulf Dirlmeier, Andreas Gestrich, Ulrich Herrmann, Ernst Hinrichs, Konrad H. Jarausch, Christoph Kleßmann, Jürgen Reulecke) has been translated into Serbian (translators: Olivera Durbaba, Ljiljana Glišović, Života Ivanović, Zoran Jovanović, Časlav Koprivica, Jelena Tanasković) under the title Kratka istorija Nemačke [Small German History], published by Albatros plus, Belgrade.

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