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“Verlorener Morgen” became “Ö1 Book of the Month”


675 verlorener morgenThe book Verlorener Morgen [title of the English translation: Wasted Morning] by Gabriela Adameșteanu has become the Ö1 Book of the Month. The recent German translation made by Eva Ruth Wemme has been supported by TRADUKI. The literary magazine Ex libris, a part of the Ö1 radio station, published a review of the novel beforehand:

“An omniscient, personal narrator, internal monologue, dream sequences and documents – the author who knows all the secrets to the modern novel writing, takes us on a journey through the Romanian 20th century. Wasted Morning is a great narrative”, wrote the jury in the argument for the award. The book is marked with the Ö1 Book Tip tag in bookstores. 

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