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Wandas wilde Helden

Geisler, Dagmar.

geisler_wandasWanda can’t believe it—Dad’s girlfriend Inge is finally having her baby (and she has to admit, her little brother is very cute; Wanda’s pride and joy), and suddenly another „brother“ appears. Bertfried, Mum’s new boyfriend also has a son. His name is Wassily, he is visiting for the holidays, and he is all of 12 years old! It’s obvious that Wanda’s life is being turned upside down once again. Not to mention that the preparations for the big medieval festival in town are keeping Wanda, Fabian, and Katti very busy already. Of course, the Girl Hater Gang doesn’t wait long to take revenge for their last defeat. But as always, Wanda keeps all her wild heroes under control!

The Bulgarian translation of Wanda’s Wild Heroes by Sdravka Evstatieva was published as "Ванда и щурите герои" (reading excerpt) by the publishing company Gea-Libris, Sofia.

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