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Book Launch in Zagreb: "Beyond Guilt and Atonement"


On March 26, the Croatian edition of Jean Amery’s book "Jenseits von Schuld und Sühne" [Beyond Guilt and Atonement] was introduced to the audience in Zagreb on “Literary Friday”. Speakers included: Croatian author Žarko Paić and Helen Sinković, who translated the book into Croatian. Boris Perić moderated the event.

The Croatian translation, titled "S onu stranu krivnje i zadovoljštine“ was released in 2009 by Ljevak Publishing Company in Zagreb.

Because of his Jewish background, Austrian author Jean Améry, recipient of numerous awards, emigrated to Belgium in 1938, where he joined the resistance movement. From 1943 to 1945, he was prisoner of  the concentration camps in Auschwitz and Buchenwald. After the war, he lived and worked in Brussels. He committed suicide in 1978 in Salzburg.

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