Clemens MeyerClemens Meyer and the Reading Marathon


To celebrate the publication of his book, "Die Nacht, die Lichter" [The Night, the Lights] in Croatian and Serbian, several readings with Clemens Meyer in Split, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade were organised with the support of the Goethe Institut and TRADUKI. Reading nights are hosted by Edo Popović, Faruk Šehić, Vladimir Arsenijević and Drinka Gojković.

Reading Dates:

19.05.2010 - Split, Kinoteka Zlatna Vrata, 6 pm ( programme )
20.05.2010 - Zagreb, Profil Megastore, 8 pm
22.05.2010 - Sarajevo, Balkan Cafe, 8 pm ( programme )
25.05.2010 - Belgrade, Goethe Institut, 7:30 pm ( link )

Die Nacht, die Lichter [The Night, the Lights] in the Serbian translation by Drinka Gojković, entitled "Noć, svetla" was published by Samizdat B92, Belgrade and in the Croatian translation (reading excerpt) by Latica Bilopavlović, titled "Noć, svjetla" published by OceanMore, Zagreb.