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Geschichte der Eisenbahnreise

Schivelbusch, Wolfgang.

schivelbusch_eisenbahnThis book by Wolfgang Schivelbusch focuses on what was probably the most important invention of the 19th century: the train. Apart from igniting the Industrial Revolution, it also changed everyday experiences and political maps forever. Economists and war leaders could no longer do without the train. Space and time were no longer what they used to be. This study is an article on the history of the civilization process in the early stage of industrialisation and mechanisation. It is the author’s purpose to show connections to physical changes in modern man with the introduction of new technical equipment.

The Croatian translation (reading excerpt) by Boris Perić of The Railway Journey [Geschichte der Eisenbahnreise] was published as Povijest putovanja željeznicom by Ljevak publishing house in Zagreb.

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