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Nasmijati psa

Savičević-Ivančević, Olja.

savicevic_pasCan women have slaves? Can one reach Australia by bobbycar? Can one send an SMS to the future? Why do a white person and a black person hold hands in London? How does one turn into a moon beam? Olja Savičević-Ivančević uses her stories to ask questions for people in unusual circumstances, in decisive moments, in imbalance, at the edge of society. Insightful and imperturbable, she finds answers which sometimes unsettle, but usually enchant.

[To make a dog laugh] (Nasmijati psa, title of the German translation Augustschnee) was translated into Macedonian (reading excerpt) by Igor Isakovski and was published under the title Да се насмее пес by Blesok publishing company, Skopje

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