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Hotel Grand

Baretić, Renato.

baretic_grandAn univited guest appears in Julio's literary blog. Under the nickname Condoleezo, he publishes excerpts from what may possibly be his autobiographic novel. A lively discussion over the manuscript and the story --in which the 25-year-old Filip searches for clues of the past at Hotel Grand, a place from his childhood-- ensues between him, Juilo, and the blog readers. Hotel Grand by Renato Baretić, partly a novel about growing up, partly sinister satire, is a clever and entertaining study of writing and the status of fiction and virtuality.

The novel Hotel Grand [Hotel Grand] by Renato Baretić has been translated into Albanian (excerpt) by Janka Selimi under the title Hotel Grand, published by Poeteka & Ideart, Tirana and into Macedonian (excerpt) by Igor Isakovski under the title Хотел Гранд, published by Blesok, Skopje.

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