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Sommer im Möwenweg

Boie, Kirsten.

boie_sommerOn Seagull Street, even holidays at home are fun! Nowhere else in the world is it as beautiful as on Seagull Street! And that is why the children, especially eight-year-old Tara, agree --  it doesn't even matter if you spend your holidays at home. Because there is always something going on on Seagull Street: Tara's friend Tieneke gets two little bunnies, the kids make perfume and perform as pop stars. And when the sun shines again the next day, they go and take a picnic on their bicycles. It is so much fun that even a wasp sting is quickly forgotten!

Kirsten Boie's children's book Sommer im Möwenweg [Summer on Seagull Street] was translated into Slowenian (excerpt) by Amalija Maček and was published as Poletje v Galebji ulici by DZS, Ljubljana.

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