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Kolbe, Uwe


Uwe Kolbe, born in 1957 in Berlin, lives as a freelance writer in Berlin-Charlottenburg. His first volume of poems appeared in 1980 with Aufbau Verlag. In 1987 he moved to West Germany. He received numerous grants: in 1989 he was writer in residence at the University of Texas in Austin, in 1992 he was fellowship holder at the Villa Massimo in Rome, in 2007 writer in residence at Oberlin College in Ohio and in 2010 writer in residence at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. From 1997-2004 he ran the  Literature and Theatre Studio at Tübingen University. Publications in selection: Hineingeboren, [Born Into] Poems, 1980, Bornholm II, Poems, 1985, Nicht wirklich platonisch, [Not Really Platonic] Poems, 1994, Renegatentermine, [Renegate’s Appointments] Essays, 1998, Die Farben des Wassers, [The Colours of Water] Poems, 2001, Thrakische Spiele [Thracian Games] Novel, 2005, Heimliche Feste, [Secret Festivals] Poems, 2008, Storiella, Fairy Tales, 2008.

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