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Wieviel Globalisierung verträgt der Mensch?

Safranski, Rüdiger.

safranski_globalisierung We are experiencing a rapid change in our patterns for thinking and living and we feel powerless about it. “The thinking itself gets caught in the trap of globalization. It circles repetitively around the two fundamental questions: How do you rule the global, is asked by some, and how do you save it, is asked by others.” With this book the philosopher Rüdiger Safranski helps to find the way in an onrush of impressions and threats. He encourages the creation of freedom for equilibration and so that action can be taken, as globalization can only to be formed, if beyond it, the other major task is not missed: the individual, forming yourself.

Wieviel Globalisierung verträgt der Mensch? [How much globalization can a man tolerate?] (extract) is released in Croatian translation by Helen Sinković, entitled “Koliko globalizacije čovjek može podnijeti” by Naklada Ljevak, Zagreb.

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