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Zagovor branja: Bralec in književnost v 21. stoletju

Grosman, Meta.

grosman_zagovorIn many societies interest in reading is waning. This expertly argumented and practical book is geared to all those who are professionally involved with the development of the ability to read, as well as to parents and everyone, who is interested in reading and promoting the ability to read. The author describes and analyses in detail the problems of reading and literature lessons in an environment dominated by electronic media and offers new models for lessons.

Zagovor branja: Bralec in književnost v 21. stoletju [The Defence of  Reading: The Reader and Literature in the 21st century] by Meta Grosman has been translated into Croatian (excerpt) by Anita Peti-Stantić under the title U obranu čitanja: čitatelj i književnost u 21. Stoljeću, published by Algoritam, Zagreb.

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