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Neue Rundschau 2010/3: Serbia

Editors Dragoslav Dedović, Isabel Kupski.

z02_neue_rundschauWhen we speak about European literature do we also think of the literature from South Eastern Europe? Of the novels, stories and poems from the former Yugoslavia? A few of them have reached us in the German-speaking area: Aleksandar Tišma, Danilo Kiš, Bora Ćosić and David Albahari, but it’s still too few, and above all, there are now many young authors, who have come to the fore, who are completely unknown here. In order to widen the view, this edition collects the Neue Rundschau texts of the younger generation, especially from Serbia.

The journal Neue Rundschau 2010/3: Serbia has been published by S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt. Editors of Neue Rundschau: Hans Jürgen Balmes, Jörg Bong, Alexander Roesler, Oliver Vogel. Editor of this edition: Dragoslav Dedović, Isabel Kupski.

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