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Iris Berlina

Crnjanski, Miloš.

crnjanski_iris_berlinaFrom 1928 Crnjanski was the Cultural Attaché in Berlin. His observations offered an external view of the mentality and everyday life in the Weimar Republic. The author depicts not only his impressions, but also his speculations and doubts, and many of his  conclusions proved to be amazingly prophetic. He comments, for example, that the (First) World War was "really just a general test for another war" and comes to the conclusion that Germany would, after the "end of the indecisiveness and restraint of present-day German foreign policy and its peaceableness", lead the next war, against Poland.

Iris Berlina [Iris Berlina] by Miloš Crnjanski has been translated into German (excerpt) by Mirjana Wittmann and Klaus Wittmann under the title Iris Berlina, published by Leipziger Literaturverlag.

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