Die Kuh ist ein einsames Tier

Albahari, David.

albahari_kuhTelling a story in the shortest way is not a tribute to silence, but an example of the power of language: that’s the intention behind these texts, which show David Albahari’s full range and his linguistic elegance. Whether characterised by absurdity or bitter humour, melancholy or roguishness –they are always distinctive in their breathtaking concision. Reduced to one or two main images, the stories develop in the imagination of the reader into fully elaborated panoramas of his or her choice: mysterious and as bright as day at the same time.

The collection of short stories Die Kuh ist ein einsames Tier: Kurze Geschichten und dauerhafte Wahrheiten über Liebe, Traurigkeit und den ganzen Rest [The Cow is a lonely animal: short stories and permanent truths about love, sadness and all the rest] by David Albahari has been published by Eichborn, Frankfurt. Translated from the Serbian into German ( excerpt ) by Mirjana Wittmann and Klaus Wittmann.