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Landschaft aus Schreien: Zur Dramatik der Theodizeefrage

Hrsg. Johann Baptist Metz.

metz_landschaftThe age-old question to God given the suffering of the innocent and human catastrophes like Ausschwitz is not just one individual question amongst many for the political theology of Johann Baptist Metz. It is the centre of the discourse with God. This book contains the pivotal arguments of Metz's political theology on the theodicy question in its most up-to-date form.

Landschaft aus Schreien: Zur Dramatik der Theodizeefrage, [Landscape of Screams: on the dramatic art of the theodicy question] edited by Johann Baptist Metz, has been translated into Croatian (excerpt) by Roman Karlović under the title Krajolik od krikova: O dramatici teodicejskog pitanja, published by Ex Libris, Zagreb.

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