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Herr Bello und das blaue Wunder

Maar, Paul.

maar_bello"If, back then, this old woman hadn’t come into Daddy’s chemist’s shop, we would have been spared a lot of excitement". So begins the story of Max and his dog Bello ‒ Mr Bello, to be precise. The blue juice, which the remarkable old woman brings to Max’s father, makes plants grow unnaturally quickly. When Bello accidentally drinks from the intended fertiliser, Max experiences a true miracle.  This is because the juice transforms animals into human beings, at least for a limited time! With illustrations by Ute Krause.

Herr Bello und das blaue Wunder [Mr Bello and the Blue Miracle] by Paul Maar has been translated into Slovenian (excerpt) by Ana Grmek under the title Gospod Bello in modro čudo published by Družba Piano, Ljubljana.

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