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Eine Woche voller Samstage

Maar, Paul.

maar_einewoche Mr. Taschenbier is an anxious person. He is afraid of his landlord, his boss and of all the people who bluster and give orders – until the Sams runs into him on a Saturday and without further ado decides to stay with him. The Sams is a fearless, almost disrespectful creature, which is not frightened of anybody, and who always adds cheeky comments and blusters back if others bluster. Mr. Taschenbier is incredibly embarassed at first and tries to get rid of the Sams in many ways. But oddly: The longer it stays with Mr. Taschenbier, the more he likes the Sams. And by the end Mr. Taschenbier has evolved from a good and frightened person to a self-confident person, who has learned to hold his ground.

A Week full of Saturdays was published (extract) in a Bosnian translation by Bisera Suljic Boškailo at Bosanska riječ, Tuzla.

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