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Timm, Uwe.

timm_rotThomas Linde is in limbo. Something is different, but he doesn’t know exactly what. In a few seconds he’ll know what it is, but this short period of time is filled with a whole life, more than half a century, of stories, memories, encounters, pictures and thoughts. Thomas Linde is a jazz critic and funeral orator, he is writing a book about the colour red, and he has a lover, Iris, a light designer, 20 years younger than him, who has something to say to him. Linde is preparing a speech about Aschenberger, a former fellow soldier of 67/68. Between Aschenberger’s legacy papers Linde finds explosive material, intended to blow up the triumphal columns  ...

The novel Rot [Red] by Uwe Timm has been translated into Croatian (excerpt) by Latica Bilopavlović Vuković under the title Crveno, published by Fraktura, Zagreb.

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