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Geschichte der Männlichkeit in Europa (1450-2000)

Schmale, Wolfgang.

schmale_geschichteNothing is so unstable as masculinity. The European Renaissance redefined man and called him the "New Adam". The French revolutionaries created the "Homme régénéré" ("Regenerated Man"), which they successfully exported as a model, and in the revolts of 1968 the bases were formed for the next "new man" of historyin North America and Europe. All these terms marked in each case the beginning of extensive socio-cultural new constructions of masculinity. This book offers for the first time a comprehensive history of masculinity in contemporary Europe, based on cultural science, which brilliantly connects the history of men, the history of the sexes and general history with one another.

Geschichte der Männlichkeit in Europa (1450-2000) [The History of Masculinity in Europe (1450-2000)] by Wolfgang Schmale has been translated into Serbian (excerpt) by Vladimir Babić under the title Историја мушкости у Европи (1450-2000) , published by Clio, Belgrade.

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