Idylle mit ertrinkendem Hund

Köhlmeier, Michael.

koehlmeier_hundThe old Rhine. Two men are walking along the banks of the river, deep in conversation. It is the dead of winter and the tributaries of the Rhine have frozen over. But a southerly wind is blowing, causing a false spring and the thawing of the river. From afar, they see a large, black dog running towards them across the ice. Suddenly the dog breaks through the ice. It is fighting for its life. One of the men runs for help while the other, a writer, stays alone with the dog. He breaks a large branch from a willow tree and crawls along it, across the ice, towards the dog. He grabs hold of its front legs and the dog sinks its teeth into his sleeve. He realises that he may not be able to rescue the dog. But a few years before, death left him deeply scarred, and he won't let it have this life under any circumstances. Michael Köhlmeier can achieve what few others are able to – he can create a really big story within a seemingly small and simple one. 

The story Idylle mit ertrinkendem Hund [Idyll with Drowning Dog] by Michael Köhlmeier has been translated into Bosnian (excerpt) by Mirza Purić under the title Idila sa psom koji se utapao and published by Buybook in Sarajevo.