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Verbrechen erinnern

Hrsg. Volkhard Knigge, Norbert Frei.

knigge-frei verbrechenThe articles in this volume continue the discussion about genocide and state-organised terror in the past, but also about the future of memory. They centre on the crimes of National Socialism and the memory of them in Germany. However, the discussion also centres on how other countries, including Austria, Poland, Russia, France, the Netherlands, Japan and South Africa have dealt with the experience of war and violence.

Verbrechen erinnern, [Remembering Crimes]edited by Volkhard Knigge and Norbert Frei, has been translated into Serbian (excerpt) by Andrej Ivanji and Ivan Ivanji under the title Podsećanje na zločin, published by  Platoneum, Novi Sad and the Association of the Jewish Community of Serbia, Belgrade.

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