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Hand an sich legen

Améry, Jean.

amery handThe prohibition, which religion and society impose on suicide, makes it seem like a misdemeanour, an unnatural and absurd act. Yet is it not in these judgments and condemnations that the apparent objectivity, the state of being uninvolved by those who agree with the way of the world, the survivors, is expressed? And does not the ²natural² death also include that which is unnatural and scandalous? The propensity for suicide is an illness, which one must be healed of, like the measles. [...] Suicide is a privilege of human beings. (Jean Améry).

Hand an sich legen. Diskurs über den Freitod (title of the English translation: On Suicide: A Discourse on Voluntary Death) by Jean Améry has been translated into Croatian (excerpt) by Boris Perić under the title Dići ruku na sebe. Diskurs o slobodnoj smrti, published by OceanMore, Zagreb and translated into Romanian (excerpt) by Corina Bernic under the title Despre sinucidere, published by Editura ART, Bucharest.

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