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LICHTUNGEN 126 ‒ Neue Literatur aus dem Kosovo

Editors: Helwig Brunner, Werner Fenz, Markus Jaroschka, Georg Petz .

z05 lichtungen naslovnicaLICHTUNGEN ‒ the journal for literature, art and contemporary issues has been published since 1979 in Graz and has developed in recent years, with focal points on international countries and cities, into a well-known literary journal in Austria, Germany and also in South Eastern Europe. It offers an interesting and varied mixture of recent, unknown literature, internationally well-known authors, of recent visual arts and sophisticated essay-writing.

The journal LICHTUNGEN 126/XXXII. Jg./2011, Schwerpunkt: Neue Literatur aus dem Kosovo [Focal point: New Literature from Kosovo], edited by Helwig Brunner, Werner Fenz, Markus Jaroschka and Georg Petz, has been published by the literary circle LICHTUNGEN, Graz.

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