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We are doing pioneering work. The Leipzig publisher ERATA


When the Leipzig Book Fair opens on Thursday (12/3), one of the main themes of the Fair will again be the literature of South-Eastern Europe. (Croatia was a theme last year!) Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina are at the Fair in Leipzig for the first time! Literature from the former Yugoslavia struggles on the German book market: not many books are translated into German.

Translation House Looren


Translation House Looren offers translators from all nations a place to reside and work for a number of weeks. While staying at Looren up to ten persons can devote themselves  fully to their work and at the same time have professional exchanges with other translators.

TRADUKI at the Leipzig Book Fair 2009


Clemens Meyer reads from Edo Popovic’s novel “The Players”, supported by TRADUKI
Black humour and the South Eastern European reality - Thursday, March 12, 2009, 16-17 at the Cafe Europa

Two novels that reflect South Eastern European reality in a very special way have been published this spring. These are Velibor Colic's At Alberto's (Edition Erata) and Edo Popovics The Players (Voland & Quist)

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